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Pater Felix




Cs Concept of Special Education for the Total Development of Mentally
Retarded Persons                                                                                                     English, Malayalam and Hindi

Motor Function Development Through Three Cs Approach                              Malayalam and English

The Development of Psycho-social Function Through Three Cs Approach  Malayalam and English

Language Development of Mentally Retarded Persons Through
Three Cs Approach                                                                                                   Malayalam and English

Cognitive Development in the Mentally Retarded Through Three Cs
Approach                                                                                                                    Malayalam and English

Home A School 11 Indian languages                                                                  Malayalam, English, Thelugu, 
                                                                                                                                     Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, 
                                                                                                                                     Assamese, Gujarathi, Punjabi,
                                                                                                                                     Oriya and Bengali

Numbers and Measurements Through Three Cs Approach                         Malayalam and English

To Know What They Know                                                                                    Malayalam and English

A Training Model for Raising Competent Teachers to Work with
Mentally Retarded                                                                                                   Malayalam and English

Developmental Education: The Path to Normal Life for the
Mentally Retarded                                                                                                   Malayalam and English

HBR/CBR Programme (Home Based and Community Based
Rehabilitation Programme) of CIMR                                                                  English

The Success of Vojta’s Neuro-kinesiological Examination and Therapy   English

Operation of CIMR                                                                                                 English and Malayalam

Mandabudhikalude                                                                                               Manushyavakasam Thedi

Vol I & II                                                                                                                    Malayalam

OBIMR: Training Curriculum on Mental Retardation                                      English

A Foundation for the Total Development of a Child                                        English and Malayalam

Ramayanam Ballet                                                                                               English

From Darkness to Light                                                                                       English

On a Mission with a vision                                                                                   English


ASHA Kerala                                                                                                          Malayalam and English

To help to Understand                                                                                         English

Manasashtram oru Padanam                                                                            Malayalam

CIMR National Project                                                                                         English

Not Less Than You                                                                                             English

Freedom Centre                                                                                                   English

International Study Visit Report of 33 Countries                                            English


Jeevan Prakash Child Centre; Development of five children; Jeevan Prakash child Centre Restrospect; Central Institute on Mental Retardation, DCMR: singing and dancing their way to development, Sports, Nirmithi, Arts, Ramayanam, Agriculture, Special Education Through 3 Cs Concept, Three Cs Concept, Jeevan Prakash Child Centre: Seminars, Courses and Workshops; Three Cs approach and its Universal application; National Programme; Dr.Johannes Meunzel:the heart and soul of Jeevan Prakash Child Centre; Sr.Elise Mary :A tryst with the Mentally Retarded; Fr.Thomas Chenganariparambil MST:A Friend of the mentally Retarded; Breaking New Ground - New hopes for Mentally Challenged; National Pilot Project for the Mentally Retarded; Rural Olympics (English and Malayalam); Here they come - From sea kissed to sun kissed (CIMR at Udaipur), Kovalam Freedom Centre; Reached - 10,000 - Reaching 30,000 more; Second Rural Olympics 2000 for the Mentally Retarded Children and their Mothers.


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